Standard Ad Sizes


160x600 Skyscraper


160x600 Animated

160x600 Expanded

300x250Medium Rectangle


300x250 Animated

300x250 Expanded

300x250 Embeded Video

728x90 Leaderboard


728x90 Animated

728x90 Expanded

728x90 Dynamic - Auto

728x90 Dynamic - Custom

728x90 Dynamic - Real Estate

300x250 & 728x90 Synchronized

Expanding Micro Button






Online Video (Preroll)



ABC Player (Preroll)



High Impact Creative





Pencil Pushdown


Additional Capabilities

B2C Email Marketing


B2B Email Marketing


Landing Page


Page Sponsorship


Homepage Takeover


Facebook Text Ad


Social Media Management Tool


Search Engine Marketing





*, Facebook

Phone Bank



WMAR-TV - ad placement



NET - Scripps Network ad placement. This includes the following options:

  • Behavioral Targeting: Target ads to an audience that has a history of visiting certain sites
  • Contextual Targeting: Ads are placed within content relevant to an ad
  • Channel: Ads are placed on a set of sites within a particular category
  • Retargeting: Ads are shown to an audience that has visited an advertiser's website
  • Implicit Targeting: Ads are shown to an audience that is likely to be in a particular demographic
  • Explicit Targeting: Ads are shown to an audience that has shared demographic information


EMAIL - Custom email blasts sent toa targeted audience

NL - Placement of ads on newsletters. Click here for screenshot

MOB - Mobile product ad placement

FB - ad placement

SEM - Search Engine Marketing campaigns